On Saturday, May 19, 2018, Charlie Batch was proud to deliver the keynote address at Bethany College’s Commencement Ceremony. At the event, Charlie spoke of overcoming odds, and he received an honorary Doctor of Philanthropy degree.

During his remarks, Charlie told the graduating students and facility, “If you don’t expect to win in life, I guarantee you never will. So expect greatness from yourself and everyone around you.

“Dream big,” he continued. “Remember that dreams are nothing more than plans awaiting action, and sometimes you may be the only one who can see your vision. I’m sure at some point you were told that you weren’t good enough…smart enough…talented enough. You can either buy into that lie, or you can challenge that lie, and say ‘no, I refuse to believe that.’”

Bethany College president, Rev. Dr. Tamara Nichols Rodenberg, challenged the graduates to heed the lessons of Batch’s experience in their lives.

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