Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will Charlie’s presentation include a Q&A session?

A: Charlie is happy to take questions from the audience. If you would like him to include a Q&A session, please tell us how many minutes of his scheduled presentation should be allotted for Q&A, and he will plan accordingly.

Q: Will Charlie take photos with our attendees/students at our event?

A: Yes, Charlie will take large group photos with your attendees and with select members of your executive team, faculty, and/or special guests. However, due to time considerations, he may have to limit the number of individual photos he can take.

Q: Will Charlie sign autographs at our event?

A: Charlie would be pleased to autograph one item to be used as a charitable fundraiser, raffle prize or giveaway at your event. However, due to time considerations, he will not be able to sign individuals’ merchandise.

Q: What is Charlie’s fee? Will he speak to my organization for free?

A: Charlie’s fee varies based on the type and length of the speaking engagement. In select cases, he will speak at no charge to non-profit organizations, but due to the overwhelming number of requests, this is not the norm. Please Contact Us to receive an estimate.

Q: What is the best way to introduce Charlie? Where can I find a photo for my program guide?

A: Photos, a preferred introduction, and many other resources are available for download on the Meeting Planners section of our website.

Q: Can we invite local media to hear and report on Charlie’s speech?

A: You may issue press releases and/or create materials in advance of Charlie’s appearance to promote your event. Media may attend and film his presentation, but not in its entirety and only with advanced notice to Charlie’s team. Please Contact Us for more details and to coordinate media opportunities.