For Elementary Schools

Chargie’s Challenge

Charlie Batch is a passionate advocate for early childhood literacy, and so is his best friend and cartoonish alter ego, Chargie!

Together, Charlie and Chargie visit elementary schools to promote a fun, safe and supportive learning environment for kids. During their visits, they read their favorite children’s books, teach kids that it’s cool to read, and encourage them to sign up for Chargie’s Challenge – a book-of-the-month club where kids receive membership coins, go online to find book selections, and email book reviews to Chargie.



Charlie and Chargie also introduce Chargie Bear, a stuffed bear who is a huggable and supportive listener as children learn to read. As part of the program, one small Chargie Bear will be donated to each participating school.

This presentation is ideal for school assemblies tied to Dr. Seuss’ Birthday, National Reading Day, or any time educators are looking to inspire their students with a love of reading.

For more information about Chargie’s Challenge and Book of the Month, visit Chargie’s Page.

To book Chargie at your school, Contact Charlie Batch