For College & University Students

Lessons on Leadership & Teamwork

NFL quarterback, community advocate and media personality, Charlie Batch, delivers inspirational messages of leadership and teamwork to university students and college athletes through his speaking events.

Rooted in the premise that, “we succeed or fail by the level of our expectation,” Charlie’s presentations focus on becoming your best, overcoming obstacles, working as a team and preparing before the moment. And every one of Charlie’s speeches is wrapped in sincerity, humor and warmth.

Charlie is available to speak to students, student-athletes, coaches, faculty and alumni. Please consider him for your next event.


From Eastern Michigan University to Washington & Jefferson College and many elite schools in between, Charlie has delivered inspirational commencement speeches that encourage new graduates to win their own personal Super Bowls and build their own dynasties of success in their lives.

“I do not believe I have heard a finer Commencement address than the one you delivered to our graduates. It was touching, it was heartfelt, and looking down at the faces of our graduates, I hope you saw how much your words meant to them. You had them from your first word to your last.”

– Sister Candace, President of LaRoche College

Expect Your Best

In this emotional, funny and often poignant presentation, Charlie shares stories about his personal successes and failures in the NFL and in life that taught him how to become a leader. For Charlie, it all comes down to expecting the very best from yourself and those around you, and he shares his three keys to leadership: Be Ready, Be Resilient, and Be the Pro.

“Like our students, Charlie encountered many challenges and setbacks in life, and yet he has achieved greatness both on and off the field. Batch inspired guests with a glimpse into his personal tragedy and lessons learned that turned his life around.”

– Don Block, Executive Director, Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council

In the Pocket

As a quarterback, Charlie counted on his offensive line to form a pocket of protection around him that enabled the entire team to win. In life, Charlie has applied the same “In the Pocket” principles to form a winning team around him and reach his goals. In this presentation, which is fun and accessible to both football fans and novices alike, Charlie motivates audiences to build winning teams of their own.

“I enjoyed his speech on surrounding yourself with the right team; as someone who is not very familiar with the rules of football, I was yet able to relate to his analogy. Overall, the students and myself LOVED Mr. Batch, and we are looking for other ways and opportunities for us to work with him again!”

– Corinne Gibson, Director of the Office of Multicultural Development, Slippery Rock University


Dignity & Respect Sportsmanship

Through personal experience and in working with the kids at his foundation, Charlie understands that the demands on today’s student athlete can be overwhelming. In his Dignity & Respect Sportsmanship presentation, which can be used as a keynote or as a multi-day program, Charlie explores how the “you” between student and athlete can get lost, and he discusses tools student athletes can use to ensure they treat themselves and others with dignity and respect.

“Charlie Batch has been a great role model for our students with his commitment to serving others and to excel on the field and in his home community. His speech was funny, heartwarming and inspirational to our students.”

Sue Martin, President, Eastern Michigan University

Charlie’s presentation can be customized to meet your school’s needs. He offers 30-minute, 45-minute and 60-minute versions of his presentation to fit the requirements of your agenda, and he is available for Q&A sessions and select photo opportunities.

For more information, Contact Charlie Batch