At his 14th Annual Caring for Kids Gala, Jerome Bettis presented Charlie Batch with the Impact Award! covered the ceremony, writing that the Impact Award is “an award that was just created this year because of individuals like Batch. He has dedicated so much time over the past 20 years giving back to the kids in the community where he grew up, and now he can serve even more as he is building a new facility for the Best of the Batch Foundation.”

The article goes on to quote Bettis saying, “There was a time when he wasn’t even playing in Pittsburgh and he was doing stuff for the kids,” said Bettis, who honored Batch with the humanitarian award at their first annual dinner. “Now he is taking it to another level. He is going from a two to a 10. Everyone appreciated what he did before, but he took it to another level. It’s the impact award because he is making a tremendous impact in the community. He has gone above and beyond what we ask our sports figures to do. You ask them to give back, and he went beyond that to be a beacon of light for the kids.”

Steelers greats Cam Heyward and Alejandro Villanueva were also honored. Read the full story here.