Charlie Batch’s Impellia Featured in USA Today

This week, Impellia, a sports medicine tech company founded by Charlie Batch, was featured in USA Today. The article highlights the ways in which "a flood of information" is being analyzed by the NFL. The story notes that, during the NFL combine, Batch and his partners presented their product (which is used by teams at the University of Michigan) to the training staffs of all 32 teams [...]

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Chicago INNO Magazine Profiles Charlie Batch’s Impellia

Chicago INNO, a publication that features stories about innovation in the greater Michigan area, recently profiled Impellia, a company co-founded by Charlie Batch. The article says, in part, "One of Impellia’s first clients has been the University of Michigan, whose 31 Division 1 sports programs are using the startup’s software across its more than 900 student athletes. Impellia works with around 10 sports programs in total, including [...]

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Charlie Batch’s Impellia Announces Hiring of Former Bills GM

This month, Charlie Batch's sports technology company, Impellia, announced that it has hired Doug Whaley, former Bills GM, to serve as a senior sports business advisor. SBJ covered the announcement, including interviews from Whaley and the Impellia leadership team. Read the full story here.

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Ex-NFL QB Charlie Batch, Sports Medicine Company Impellia Partner With Michigan Athletics

Impellia, the sports medicine/technology venture by Charlie Batch and partners, announced this week that they have agreed to partner with the University of Michigan and the schools student athletes! The story, covered by, reads in part: "The two entities will be working together to analyze product data while the Pittsburgh-based startup Impellia receives feedback from University of Michigan staff and players around its software and sensor-based [...]

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Charlie Batch is Featured Speaker at U-M symposium on New Exercise & Sport Science Initiative

EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT DATE: 8 a.m.-2:45 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 29, 2016 EVENT: Media are invited to attend the University of Michigan Exercise & Sport Science Initiative Symposium 2016, a day of talks and panel discussions related to sport technology R&D, data science and analytics, and optimal performance. Featured speakers and panelists include: Charlie Batch, former NFL quarterback and co-founder of Impellia, a sports technology company; U-M athletic director [...]

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Charlie Batch Featured in 10 Tips Sports Story

This month, Parents Magazine ran a story titled, "10 Tips Now that Your Kid Wants to Be in the Olympics," and Charlie Batch provided one of the tips! For the tip "Continue to help your child develop many interests and abilities" the article says: "Family, leisure, academics, and social relationships are critical parts of a child's development that should not be neglected at the expense of sports. [...]

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Charlie Batch & Impellia Attend 2016 Geek Wire Sports Summit

Charlie Batch and representatives from Impellia - Charlie's performance, wellness, rehabilitation and injury prevention technology company - joined more than 300 techies, geeks, entrepreneurs, executives, athletes, coaches, team owners, and many others for the first ever Geek Wire Sports Summit. The day-long event focused on the quickly trending intersection of sports and technology. Charlie was featured in Geek Wire coverage of the event, including an article that read: "Folks [...]

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SBJ Feature’s Charlie Batch’s Tech Firm Impellia in Company Watch

This week, Sports Business Journal (SBJ) ran a full page story about Charlie's medical technology company, Impellia, in its Company Watch section. The article quotes Charlie saying that the idea for Impellia came about, "from me being around [the NFL] and being injured quite a few times in my career. Some of the technology that I was privy to and was able to use wasn't available to [...]

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Fox Business Profiles Charlie Batch & Impellia

In an article titled, "How Charlie Batch Went from NFL QB to Sports Medicine Entrepreneur," Fox Business details Charlie's successful transition from the grid iron to the business world. He launched his new company, Impellia, with his childhood friend Richard Walker and fellow business partner Dave Morin, to bring high tech sports medicine advancements to everyday people. The article quotes Charlie saying, "I thought to myself, wait [...]

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