The Brian Hess Show

On this episode of the Brian Hess Show, two-time Super Bowl champion and former Pittsburgh Steeler Charlie Batch joins the podcast to discuss his life and career. From growing up in Pittsburgh to his time at Eastern Michigan University, Charlie shares his thoughts on leadership and success, and how he has used his platform to give back to the community.

DeVito Lecture Series: Charlie Batch Speaks to Waynesburg University


Charlie Batch Speaks to CourtTV

Batch, Super Bowl champ with the Pittsburgh Steelers who played for the NFL for over 15 years, spoke to Julie Grant about NFL player wellness and mental health when players transition away from football.

Charlie Batch Helps Promote "Fill A Glass With Hope"

Charlie helps promote the charitable cause, #FillAGlassWithHope, which provides fresh milk to neighbors in need through the 9-member food banks of Feeding Pennsylvania with vital support from the PENNSYLVANIA DAIRYMENS ASSOCIATION INC and American Dairy Association North East.

Charlie Batch presents Dignity & Respect Program to High School Students

Watch Charlie Batch share the tragic story of his younger sister's unexpected death. As a result, he promised himself if he were giving the opportunity later in life to give back to his community, he would.

Charlie Batch Presents Commencement Speech to La Roche College Graduates in 2014

Experience Charlie Batch's commencement speech to La Roche College graduates in 2014.