It’s Never Too Early to Plan Your Next Success

In this motivational speech about planning for future success, Charlie challenges his audiences with the question, “What’s Your End Game?”

For Charlie, the end game wasn’t to be an NFL Quarterback. The real end game was to eventually leave football to become the entrepreneur, media personality, community advocate, and professional speaker that he is today. Therefore, he dedicated himself to preparing for life after football just as hard as he prepared for his life in football.

During this 45-minute keynote presentation, Charlie describes the steps he took to leave the sweat suit behind to pursue a new life in a business suit. He shares best practices for personal brand building and networking in your professional and personal communities. As a result, these topics cover strategies to create a pathway to success.

Above all, Charlie speaks about staying true to yourself, and pursuing your passions while always maintaining your integrity.

This presentation is all about those who dream big. Therefore, it's ideal for business leaders, entrepreneurs and university students looking for new ways to bring them to life. This speech can be fully customized for 20, 30 and 45 minute presentations. After that, Q&A sessions are available upon request.

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