Injuries in the NFL have brought backup quarterbacks into the spotlight

When it comes to football, no player is more important than the quarterback. And this NFL season, fans are watching some not-so-familiar faces. A string of quarterback injuries has forced almost half of the league's teams to rely on their backups. So we wanted to understand what makes a great backup quarterback. For that, we called Charlie Batch. He's a two-time Super Bowl champion who played 15 [...]

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Being ‘More Than’ – A Conversation with Charlie Batch

Charlie Batch is a retired NFL quarterback and social entrepreneur who is passionate about giving back. He is the Founder of the Best of The Batch Foundation, a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit focused on unlocking potential in communities to build the best future for kids and families by providing choices, motivation, and education. Throughout the episode, he opens up about his background, the pivotal moments that led him to [...]

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Charlie Talks Ben’s Legacy and Career with TMZ

Ben Roethlisberger had a better NFL resume than both Eli Manning and Philip Rivers ... so says Charlie Batch, who tells TMZ Sports Big Ben is the best QB from that insane 2004 draft class. We spoke with Charlie just minutes after Roethlisberger retired on Thursday ... and the former NFL quarterback explained he thinks Ben is hands down a better QB than Manning and Rivers. "It's no knock against Eli or Philip, but I'm [...]

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