Charlie Batch to GPLC: Sports and Education Go Hand in Hand

During the annual Leaders for Literacy Luncheon, Charlie Batch shares a story with the Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council about when he learned that sports and education go hand-in-hand.

Charlie Batch Speaks to Panera Bread Employees

An audience volunteer demonstrates Charlie Batch’s message at Panera Bread’s corporate meeting.

Charlie Batch presents Dignity & Respect Program to High School Students

Watch Charlie Batch share the tragic story of his younger sister's unexpected death. As a result, he promised himself if he were giving the opportunity later in life to give back to his community, he would.

Charlie Batch Presents Commencement Speech to La Roche College Graduates in 2014

Experience Charlie Batch's commencement speech to La Roche College graduates in 2014.

Charlie Batch Speaks to Eastern Michigan Eagle Athletes

Listen to Charlie Batch account an NFL story to Eastern Michigan athletes as to why they should always "Be Ready," because you never know when you'll get your shot.

Charlie Batch Tells BNY Mellon Employees to Expect Their Best.

"Greatness doesn't live here" was a constant message that Charlie Batch heard while growing up in Homestead. As a result, Charlie learned that it was his responsibility to always 'Expect his Best.'  Watch Charlie deliver his "Expect Your Best" speech to BNY Mellon employees.