You're Not Good Enough. You're Not Smart Enough. Greatness Doesn't Live Here.

As a child and throughout his adult life, those were just a few of the negative messages and dream-crushing lies that Charlie Batch heard as he pursued his lifelong dream of becoming a Pittsburgh Steeler.

But in critical moments throughout his life, Charlie refused to buy into those lies. Instead, he expected the best from himself and those around him, and as a result, he enjoyed a successful 15-year career in the NFL, became a respected leader among players and within his community, and formed a foundation that continues to inspire financially challenged communities to expect their best.

In this emotional, funny and poignant presentation, Charlie shares his personal successes and failures both on and off the field. Above all, it provides three key strategies that anyone can use to expect their best and realize success in their professional and personal lives.

His speech, which is easily relatable to knowledgeable sports fans and novices alike, includes a memorable interactive session where one lucky audience member gets to act out Charlie’s “Be Ready, Be Resilient, and Be the Pro” strategies with Charlie on stage.

This keynote is ideal for any organization that is in a turnaround phase. For instance, an organization where management and employees are working to overcome obstacles and inspire passion around the corporate mission. This keynote also provides powerful messages for businesses in highly competitive environments. In addition, it rallies “underdog” brands to realize their full potential against all odds.

Charlie’s presentation can be customized to meet your organization’s specific needs and messages. He offers 30-minute, 45-minute and 60-minute versions of his presentation to fit the requirements of your agenda. Additionally, he is available for Q&A sessions and select photo opportunities.

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