Thank you for selecting Charlie Batch for your upcoming event! This page should provide you with all of the meeting resources and information you may need for his presentation. For instance, the information includes his standard introduction, audio-visual requirements, bios, photos and more. Additionally, if you need more information, please contact Charlie through the website.

Thank you for selecting Charlie Batch to speak at your upcoming event.

Please confirm that the following AV support is available for Charlie’s presentation:


  • Staging: Screen, 16x9 format preferred
  • Projector with wireless remote: Charlie will advance his own slides
  • Standard podium
  • Small rectangular table with black drape on stage with Charlie


  • A handheld microphone is preferred, but a cordless lavaliere is ok.


  • Charlie will bring PowerPoint slides on a thumb drive. He can use your laptop or his own.
  • If you are videotaping Charlie’s presentation, we request prior notice and a digital copy of the video.