The Best of the Batch Foundation has put together ‘Comfort in a Basket’ and delivered these baskets to over 100 families in the Mon Valley who are regularly served through their foundation. The baskets contained some necessities, educational materials, but also things that bring comfort, like blankets and pillows to kids treats that might not be a necessity right now, but still bring happiness. featured the initiative, and quoted Tasha Batch saying, “We chose ‘Comfort in a Basket’ because right now a lot of the bare necessities are being met. But the thing the children we serve like are the little snacks the parents can’t afford to buy right now. Whether it’s the little cookies in a bag, a bag of chips, candy. We picked all of our kid’s favorite items that bring comfort to them. Their snacks and things like that. We provided some food, canned goods, things like that, but we made sure our main purpose was to provide the children some comfort too.”

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